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Taobao purchases

Posted by jaynakoh on February 1, 2016

This is a recent purchase from Taobao using Peeka. The man found it easy to use but the shipping takes forever as it is by sea, usually 3 weeks or so.

I started using the shippers via Taobao app last year. It was also easy to use and the shipping can be as fast as 8 days from China to your doorstep. I was pretty impressed as I could track the package at almost all stages except when shipper refused to accept shipment which I encountered twice:(

We were so impressed by the 集运that we decided that maybe we can try importing the kids’ swords. To cut long story short, it was rejected by shipper and package had to be sent back to seller. The seller then sent the package to Singapore via ems. But the shipping fee was more than the price of the swords. Much unhappy but think the seller was not out to cheat.

Anyway, we were worried that the swords would be detained by custom and it did. We thought they would be sent to the Police Station licensing department before we can collect it. When I reached the customs department at Singpost, the office requested that I opened the package, looked at the swords and decided that they do not need a licence as they are not hard. I was allowed to collect them after signing a couple of forms! I was so pleased! So here are two of the swords for the kids’ cca.

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Monkey Silver Coin

Posted by jaynakoh on January 28, 2016


2016 is the year of the monkey. Continuing the tradition I started 2 years ago, I bought the girl a silver coin which cost $88. We will probably not see it for many years until one day she does her spring cleaning. I have not seen the horse coin at all since I passed it to the boy two years ago.

Nonetheless, this is just my way of celebrating that one from my brood reaches a full zodiac cycle. Hope they remember their mum when they see the coins.

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Boys and their devices

Posted by jaynakoh on January 24, 2016


This is how I would usually find the boys after I have my lunch at my mum’s place. Not ideal, but I really really appreciate a peaceful meal with my mum.

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Posted by jaynakoh on January 24, 2016


Love the contented look on Hsien’s face.

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Posted by jaynakoh on January 21, 2016


Rae just finished writing these at nai nai’s house. He was in tears while writing them. I would too if I were him. So tough for K2!

I am rather impressed that they are so neat! As compared to his English writing. Maybe I can finally have a Chinese scholar after two bananas.

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After school transport

Posted by jaynakoh on January 20, 2016


Rae’s after school transport.

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My Turn!

Posted by jaynakoh on January 18, 2016

After the man took pictures of Rae’s communication book information for record, Hsien said,”My turn, my turn!”


So there. Your turn to take a picture.

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Posted by jaynakoh on January 15, 2016


The eldest boy who just turned 13 last month is almost 170cm tall.

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Posted by jaynakoh on January 13, 2016



It has been tough trying to get Rae to practise his writing. He did little in the school holidays. The only thing he is more agreeable to do is maths questions. But he will whine and whine for me to sit next to him to help him.

This is one set of questions set by MIL. Notice how many answers that are zeros. I was told the boy just added numbers to the questions so that the answers are zero. What a way to escape hardwork!

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What accident?

Posted by jaynakoh on January 12, 2016

This is a very funny (once you get over the heart stopping part) video of Rae skate scooting after school. Look at how proficient he is now sans the small accident.

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