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Posted by jaynakoh on May 9, 2016

Have not been helping Rae with his home projects. Last year, when he needed to do home projects, like the cotton animals, I let him draw what he fancied and gave him cotton wool and glue stick. Nevermind it looked kiddish, hey, it is the boy’s work!

This year, the boy was supposed to hand in a poem on a decorated piece of paper. He was telling me how he wants to write one probably based on what he remembered from his class. “I saw a xxx, I saw a xxx.”  which was too simple, I thought.

After 3 days of influencing, he boy finally agreed to 4 lines. Then the man came back one morning and asked if we had finished the project. He said that he saw a classmate handed in a 3d piece. Talk about pressure. So I had to prepare everything so that the boy could finish writing and decorating within 30mins on a weekday night.

VoilĂ !

I am sure I felt more accomplished than the boy. He traced the words, colored and stuck everything on.

It was quite a delicate balance to not take over his project. Glad I did it ok:)

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Posted by jaynakoh on April 22, 2016


The youngest boy made this using lego. The adults were pretty impressed!

He is still facinated by alphabets and numbers. He would prefer us to build lego numbers and letter rather than cars!

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Wushu Competition 2016

Posted by jaynakoh on April 20, 2016


It is that time of the year again. The two elder kids’ wushu competitions were on 24-30 March 2016 (Primary school) and 31 March – 8 April 2016 ( Secondary school). I could feel that they want to win more this year. No more laise faire attitude. The girl did not miss any trainings and the boy even stayed back on non-training days to train on his own.

Their results were pretty good this year, although there were some misses:

Senior Girl Spear-Second
Senior Girl 5 duan Sword- Second
Senior Girl 5 duan Changquan – Third
Senior Girls Overall Third

C Boys 5 duan Sword – First
C Boys Spear – Second
C Boys 5 duan Changquan – Fifth
C Boys Group Quan – First
C Boys Group Weapon – First
C Boys Overall Champion

This competition, I was fortunate. I get to witness and share their exhilaration when they won and the disappointment when they failed to win or achieve their targets. I am glad that their hardwork reaped some tangible rewards and this will help fuel their interest in wushu.

Some of my favourite photos. Credits to PT Lee, Cecilia and Kai




























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First Love Letter to a Girl!

Posted by jaynakoh on April 19, 2016

Rae asked for a piece of paper to cut into a heart shape. “Why do you need it?” I asked.

He said he want to make a card for Yin Jie. Is she a boy or girl? I probed. “A girl and I am going to write, I love you Yin Jie,” he said matter-of-factly.

So this is his card. “I am going to give it to her!” he said happily.

“Why did you write Yee Jie? Thought you said Yin Jie?” I was puzzled. “Because I don’t know how to spell Yin but nevermind. I will say I love Yin Jie. She told me she loves me.” the boy said confidently.

“But will you still love me?” I lamented.

“Yes,” he consoled,”At home I love you. In school I love Yin Jie.” His first crush. OMG!

When I told the man about the card, the only thing he asked the boy was,”Is Yin Jie the girl who took the lift up near the school?” When the boy said yes, he approved and commented,”Not bad, the girl is pretty.” Wah liao.


The next day I asked the boy if he had given the card to the girl. The boy replied, “No, she did not come to school.”

The following day, I asked the same question. The boy answered normally,”She did not want the card, so I gave it to another girl, Denise.”

Huh, liddat also can? “Can!” The boy assured me. You win lor.

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First step to independent travel

Posted by jaynakoh on April 16, 2016

The girl has always been fetched around. Unlike the older boy, we have never let her travel alone on public transport. Maybe because she has no need for it and most important she is a girl.

On 7 April 2016, her father decided that it is time for her to take a bus to Toa Payoh Stadium to meet him on her brother’s competition day. She will be alright, assured the man, it is just one straight bus from outside her school to right in front of the stadium. The most is she missed the stop and walk from Toa Payoh Central. I was a little apprehensive. I started to prep on how to ask the driver for assistance and how to contact us if she is lost or very late as she is not holding a handphone.

The day came and she reached the place successfully. The next day, both the man and I were at TPY stadium again to watch the boy’s jiti competition. She wanted to join us and declined her dad’s offer to pick her up during lunch interval. Taking a bus is fun, she quipped. Ok fine, what can go wrong? She reached the day before without problem.

So we waited and waited for her at the stadium. Her boy’s event came and past. Still no sign of her. We were getting a bit worried. She should have reached 30 mins ago. She turned finally, very sweaty, carryibg her heavy school bag. She said the bus did not stop and she had to walk from the Central. We were sympathetic and said You pressed the bell and the bus captain did not stop is it? The girl looked at us, with a puzzled look Need to press bell meh?

We looked at her and looked at each other before stiffling our laughter. Yeah, the bus captain can only know your intention to alight if you press the bell. Didn’t you see how other passengers alight. I was reading said the girl and I thought the bus will stop if I pressed the red button. We could not control anymore and had to laugh out loud. OMG! I cannot assume the kids know the most basic things.

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First pair of pointe shoes

Posted by jaynakoh on April 15, 2016

The girl took her grade 5 BBO exams (British Ballet Organization) last month. Her ballet teacher recommended her to buy her first pair of pointe shoes (note to self: pronounce as point not pointi) in preparation of her vocational exam in two years. I am inside like OMG, are you serious? Wouldn’t pointe shoes distort her feet? She is still so young! I am like outside ok sure, when do you need it.

This girl’s ballet journey was longer than expected. I enrolled her with Ms Chua at the CC when she was 4 years old in hope that she would be instilled sense of discipline and some pose. Over the last 8 years (OMG, so long already), the discipline aspect of it was somewhat lacking, except for the turning up for lessons part, she seldom misses lessons except when she was sick which was rare and when lessons clash with important events like reunion dinners. Her posture is usually not great except during trainings or lessons. The only consistently neat part was her hair, she can tie a very neat ponytail and maintain it. Not sure how long she will last in ballet but right now she says she still finds it fun, we are just providing our support where we can.

We went to this small shop Twirl and Twirl at Pacific Plaza recommended by Ms Chua. It sells ballet and rythemic gymnastic stuff. The lady, Paulene, helping the girl test her pointe shoes was friendly and attentive. She was so happy to see Ms Chua’s written recommendation.



Too bad she is leaving the store soon. Hope they find someone as good.

The girl’s first pair of pointe shoes and a Grishko, no less. Size 5 XXX. The final product after ribbons and elastic band

And Grishko ouche pouche (slip on guards to protect her toes). Set me back by $107.

To spare the girl time to catch up on her homework, I helped her sewed on the ribbons and elastic bands. The instructions.


Girl in pointe shoes!


Because I was giam to buy the $20 shoe bag, I sewed a shoe bag in 1.5 hour flat.

No bad eh, but I woke up with a sore thumb. Ouch!

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Milos and snapple

Posted by jaynakoh on April 1, 2016

The two older kids fell in love with the new milo, so when I saw the offer on qoo10, I grabbed it.

The man sent me a picture when them arrived.

The lonely mountain dew.

The boy like snapple which cost $3.50 a bottle. When I could get it for less than $1.50.a bottle, I stock up too.

When they arrived, I sent the pic to the man.

The milos found some friends.

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Recent paintings

Posted by jaynakoh on March 27, 2016

A colleague has been admiring my paintings in office and even declared herself to be my “fan”. So honoured:)

Her mum passed away recently and I thought of painting something to cheer her up.

I found a painting that I like…

Spent an hour doing up the base.

I brought it to office and dabbled with it over two lunches, 15 mins each. Here it is! Glad that she liked it!


Then I thought of a small canvas which I have covered with blue paint in August 2013. I decided to paint a ballerina picture which I found over the web.


Done in an hour on a Saturday mid night while the two young ones konked out after a full day of activities.

This is for the 12 year old girl who persisted in ballet since she was 4. She has just took her Grade 5 ROD exams in March. Glad to say she likes it too:)

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Chicken pox

Posted by jaynakoh on March 26, 2016

The youngest boy looked at me and said,”Mummy, you have chicken pox!”

Arghh, I know my freckles are bad but this bad?

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Butt kicking

Posted by jaynakoh on March 20, 2016

Little boy, sadly, “Mummy, mummy, gor gor kicked me in the butt and it hurts!”

Mummy, thoughtfully, “Hmm, you know what you need to grow taller than him so that you can kick him in the butt next time.”

Little boy, brightened up,” Really?”

Mummy, convincingly,”Yes. So you need to eat more veg, egg and drink more milk, to grow taller than him. Ok?”

Little boy, hopefully,” OK!”

What sort of things am I teaching my kids???

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