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Hsien’s toilet training and observations

Posted by jaynakoh on May 12, 2015

Other than weaning, Hsien is undergoing toilet training as well.

Look at his “mummy i pooped in the toilet bowl” smirk look. 

He is at the stage when he will rip off his diaper and climb on the toilet bowl. However all is not stable yet. Just last Sunday, he peeped big time while sitting in his child seat diaperless. Hiaz.

After lights off, he would have this habit of saying to me, “Come on Mummy, lets go toilet!” And he would drag me there in the dark.

This boy is pretty interesting. He would look around and say a random number, alpabet or shape. Random to me until I see what he saw. For example, he would remark “9” while looking at the toilet roll. If I look closer, the toilet roll with the dangling does look like a 9.

Look mum, number 9!

Look mum, number 3!

Look mum, egg!

This boy is pretty observant.

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Tickle Tickle

Posted by jaynakoh on May 10, 2015

I brought the kids to Tickle Tickle at Hougang Studium last Sunday. The elder boy went along as he was tasked to help out. His old man does not believe that his wife can handle the two younger boys alone. The girl has wushu training.

Usually I will poof poof that but for this trip I am quite grateful for the extra help as the boys usually throw tamtrums when asked to leave. All hands are needed to drag them back to the car at the end of the session. Did I mention that it was drizzling too?

Toys glorious toys. It was a kids’ heaven. My no 3 called this place – the playground with lots of toys.

This place is not big but it has lots of toys in the 3 rooms for children to explore, a play area cum rest room for the scooters, cars, a reasonably sized play gym and a ball pit. My two boys aged 5 and 3 were occupied in the 3 rooms for a long time which suited me perfectly. My no 4 no longer requires me to sit next to him and can self entertain all through. Yeah!

No 3 would occasionally demand attention. “Help me wear this iron man mask!”

Otherwise he would interact happily with other more outgoing kids… or their dads!

The older boy was supposed to study for his chem and physics papers the next day. He did. For the few minutes during lunch….

…and the few minutes on his periodic table…

He spent the rest of the time in the ball pit and playgym quite shamelessly. I say shameless because he was not a paying guest. He was supposed to be a guardian as he was above 12 yo. Tsk tsk.

No 3 played with this robot for at least 30 mins.

No 4 eating his cupcake in his car.

Spider man…

Iron man…

The playgym allows the adults to bring outside food for consume within the rest room which is pretty cool. You also buy cup noodles and drinks. I packed lunch for the elder boy and myself from the coffeeshop located 8 mins walk away and fed the younger ones homecooked porridge.

For $34 ($17 each for the two younger boys), 4 of us spent a good 4 hours in the gym. All the boys did not want to leave.

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Progress in weaning finally

Posted by jaynakoh on May 8, 2015

Sleepy. Have not been sleeping well for the past few nights. I was feeling unwell. Stomach was bloated. Phlegm was building. Body was achy. Head was giddy.

I dragged myself to work for the past two days due to attend a big bang meeting which I coordinated and to finish some reports which were long overdue. No fun when these symptoms coincide with PMS.

I have been wanted to document how I weaned No 4 off his night feeds. On 17 Mar 2015, the doctor at KK finally discharged the little boy. He was under observation since 6 month due to his bigger than normal head and slower development, especially in the area of speech. 

His head circumference has been in the 95th percentile since 6 mo. The latest check at 3yo was still the same and his weight was in the 25th percentile. Small boy he is.

A year ago, the doctor suspected mild autism due to his intense interest in numbers and alphabets. 6 months ago, the autism concern was dispelled after the boy started to be able to respond to more questions, but the doctor ordered a hearing test just to be sure. We resisted the speech therapy suggested as we believed that he is really just slower in speech.

The boy really progressed in the last six months. He is now able to tell me what he wants quite clearly although he still ignores questions that he does not fancy answering. Very one kind. 

The doctor asked him to draw a straight line. The boy looked at her unsurely. Of course la, I have not trained him to draw straight lines before! Anyway, so I wrote an A and a B on the paper and asked him to write a C. The boy obliged eagerly – at last some thing familar!

The doctor was startled and said No No cannot! That is for a 5 yo. 3 yo draws straight line. The man and I looked at each other with a “Why is she like dat?” look. 

Anyway to cut the story short, the doctor was happy with the hearing test result and his speech development. A letter of discharge was issued. No more KK visits! Yeah!

I digress. Back to the weaning process.

On 20 April 2015, exactly 3 years and 10 days after the little boy was born, I embarked on my fifth attempt to wean him. Up to that day, the little boy demanded to be nursed to sleep each night, and waking up at various intervals during the nights to nurse, treating his mother like an on-demand pacifier. Hell would be let loose whenever I denied the auto access to his nay nay.

He would scream the house down in the middle of the night and that was not pleasant at all when I have to handle a sleep deprive spouse who has to wake up at 5am each morning to make breakfast and send the elder boy to the bus stop to take his morning bus to school. I took the easy way out for the longest period- give in.

I tried lime juice, bitter gourd juice and medicated oil. The first two had no effect. The boy just winced and continued nursing. The medicated oil was a repellant….

Yeah… for a good 5 mins. He did not take long to learn that the medicated oil would be less spicy after a while. Oh well, at least he learns fast.

That fateful day on 20 April 2015, a Monday. The little boy was cranky before he slept. He cried at the slightest irritation. Since he cried for some time, I thought he would be tired enough to fall asleep quickly. Maybe I can now reason with him that he needs to stop nursing, thought the naive me.

As expected, the little boy screamed and cried.

What was not expected was that he maintained at high gear from 11pm to 12.30am. He was so frustrated and angry that he was hammering me when I was laying down, alternating between screaming into my ears and kissing me with tears streaming down his cheeks. He fell asleep exhausted after making no progress with his pacifier. I was so tired and upset. I felt so sorry for myself that I allowed myself to be abused. The boy woke up at 2.30am and wanted to lift up my shirt. When told no, he screamed.

He proceeded to shower me with punches mercilessly. Suddenly he paused, and whimpered,”Ouch! Painful!” He then extended his hand to be and expected me to sayang his hands which just hammered me. Sigh. This boy ah.

This round was shorter and he fell asleep in 15mins after realising his mum meant business.

At 4.15am he jolted me up with his blood curling cries once more. He vented his fruatration for 15 mins and quietened down. He finally asked for water. Good sign.

He was pushing away the bottle away before that. He sipped and flipped over into sleep almost immediately.

I was so zombified in the morning. No sleep and mentally tortured by the pint size human being. I went to work and was so worried that I have to go through the same process that night. I was torn between giving in to his wants and persisting with the weaning. If I give in, my next attempt to wean will be many times this hellish night. If I persist, I am not sure I can last.

Luckily, that night, he was sort of cued in that he would not get his pacifier and stopped crying very soon. He only climbed on me to hug me possessively for a long while before sleep overcome him. He woke up a few times crying but all very short episodes. It only became better after that. Phew!

The boy who adapted and grew up! I am a slave mum to him.

No 3 who co-sleeps with us was such a sweetie pie during this torturing session. He could not sleep for obvious reason. “Didi wants to drink milk.” He said softly after observing his bawling brother quietly for a long time. 

He laid quietly next to me when I had to hold the crying baby for a long time.

He finally fell asleep by himself without a complaint after I told him that I was “a bit” held up by his brother.

I just want to hold him tightly for being so supportive.

45 months of nursing since Rae’s birth. Tandam nursinh some more. I am amazed at the length. I have never thought I could last this long. I only did 18 months for the girl.

Did I mention that I strategically still offer both No 3 and No 4 milk during weekend naps? No choice, I needed them to sleep faster as they need to wake up before night fall for dinner. At least this will be it until my milk stop or my breasts lose their appeal.

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Instangram and Dayre

Posted by jaynakoh on May 5, 2015

This is the longest hiatus I have from this blog – 2 months. I even had trouble with Hsien’s birthday entry in March (sorry baby). There are so many things which happened and so photos in my phone. So many things to write… but I did not know why it is so hard to start an entry on wordpress.

In the meanwhile, I dabbled with Instangram and finally know how hashtags worked #liveinthemountains. Thanks to the boy’s crash course. He did it even know he knew I wanted to track his instagam activities. First thing I did was to follow. He was very zi dong and he followed me back. Haha.

The secondary kids are really active in instagraming. But the language, omg, really can faint and they follow and like the most boliao things.

Anyway, still no inspiration to blog. Then I read a facebook news feed about this ex SIA crew’s dayre entry about her SIA days. I started going through her dayre entries. So refreshing! If you are interested go read @tieponytail on

Dayre (pronouced as Diary) is an interesting platform. All the entries are bite size. Suits me so well becos I have short memory and only spats of time to blog, on the train, after the babies sleep. And I write badly and always need to edit and correct the typos and grammar.

The dayre community is also very cute, close, happy and encouraging. It is definitely more private. I love reading dayre entries! Reading made me sense the joy that the writers have when sharing their daily thoughts. I felt so glad that I can share their lives as a reader and it reignited my desire to write again. No that I want others to read it but more when I reread what I write, I want to be able to give thanks for all that I have now and to be reminded of the joy in all the small things that happened in my life. I badly need that at this stage of my life.

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Rae’s first and second days of school

Posted by jaynakoh on March 2, 2015

2 March 2015 marked the first day of Rae’s academic life. After months of deliberation and procrastination, Rae finally started kindergarten at the same PAP as his two elder siblings.

The principal and the Chinese teacher are still the same ladies from the girl’s final year with them. They even asked me if Rae is her brother during registration.

This is Rae just before we walked him to his school. He had no time to feel adamant as he was barely awake.



When we fetched him after dismissal, he declared that he loved his school. However, he later said he did not want to go to school the next day even though he loved his school. I concluded that he had thought that this was an usual outing which was not recurring.

Anyway, he gamely went the next day without any protest and still declared that he loved his school at dismissal.

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Rae in uniform

Posted by jaynakoh on February 23, 2015



Rae will be starting school soon!

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Posted by jaynakoh on February 22, 2015


Rae tried desparately to escape his sister’s 剪刀脚. Yuen holding him for dear life as her mum promise handphone time if a good photo is taken.

Mission Failed!

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The Four this CNY

Posted by jaynakoh on February 22, 2015

This CNY, I have a bit of luck. I managed to capture the kids looking at the camera within a couple of shots. Yeah!



Hope this gets easier each year.

Feb 2014

Feb 2013

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First Lo Hei

Posted by jaynakoh on February 17, 2015


First lo hei of the year at my mum’s place after reunion dinner. Love the ginomenous plate! And it is older than me!




It is the only plate which reduces wastage during lo hei!

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New Ikea play area

Posted by jaynakoh on February 17, 2015

We went Ikea for breakfast and the new play area in the restaurant was completed! It was new and clean with lots of interactive screens. The two boys were engaged and did not even think of stepping out. The best part was, there were very few children in the play area and they got to play with most of the interactive screens without having to jostle with other kids. Yeah!






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